Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My Hometown

My Hometown is Browerville, Minnesota. Browerville is small rural community which has 700 people in it. The town does not have any big businesses in it. We are a small community where everyone knows everyone else. Some of the time people know your business also. The smells you may smell in the spring are the lagoon melting not good. Another smell that arises is the pig barn outside of town if the wind is from the right direction..

There is only the roar of truck going down HWY 71 in the middle of summer night that you can hear for miles away. The first Wed. of the month they sound the town alarm system. That is another familiar sound.

Things that people do for fun in our town is play cards, listen to music at the Vets club or the liquor store. Labor Day weekend is the weekend for the Polish Softball Tournament to be held on Motzko field. Teams from all over the state participate. Many people when I meet for the first time recognize the town name because of the Polish Tournament.


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