Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My Hometown

My Hometown is Browerville, Minnesota. Browerville is small rural community which has 700 people in it. The town does not have any big businesses in it. We are a small community where everyone knows everyone else. Some of the time people know your business also. The smells you may smell in the spring are the lagoon melting not good. Another smell that arises is the pig barn outside of town if the wind is from the right direction..

There is only the roar of truck going down HWY 71 in the middle of summer night that you can hear for miles away. The first Wed. of the month they sound the town alarm system. That is another familiar sound.

Things that people do for fun in our town is play cards, listen to music at the Vets club or the liquor store. Labor Day weekend is the weekend for the Polish Softball Tournament to be held on Motzko field. Teams from all over the state participate. Many people when I meet for the first time recognize the town name because of the Polish Tournament.

Monday, September 06, 2004


I am Pam and I live in Faribault Mn. I have 3 daughters who are all in college. Two of my daughters are majoring in fiance the 3rd daughter is undecided about her major. I am majoring in Dental Hygiene. This field of study sparked my interest because I was a Certified Registered Dental Assistant, before my daughters were born. I became a stay at home mom after they came into this world. Before my youngest daughter Kelli attended Kindergarten I went to work at the school in Browerville. I was a paraprofessional for 14 years until I attended Mankato State this fall.

I have several interest but my top three are God, Family and my third is art: painting,crafting, scrapbooking.
I will talk about my scrapbooking. I decided when my oldest daughter Jill was to graduate from high school to do something special for her graduation, I started scrapbooking. Then when daughter 2, Nicole, came along two years later with her graduation coming up I had to do the same. This Spring I finished my 3rd daughter, Kelli's book. Now when I get out of college that is my goal to scrapbook our Family Album.

I am going to try something new. I am going to try to scan pictures of my oldest daughter and her fiance onto a disc and make an I-movie. Her wedding is in June. Hope to have it done by then.

My three daughters

Daughter 1

Her name is Jill. Jill is attending college. Her major is finance. Jill is hoping to become a loan officer when she graduates Dec. 19th from college. Jill will be busy this next year finding a job and planning her marriage. Jill is marrying her long time sweetheart John. John is so sweet to her. I have been blessed gaining John as part of the family.

Daughter 2
Her name is Nicole. Nicole was a New Years baby a few years back.
She too is attending college, in fact the same college as Jill.
Nicole too is a Finance major. Nicole is also hoping to become a loan officer. She also is always found working out in the gym.

Daughter 3
Her name is Kelli. Kelli is also attending the same college as her sisters. She hasn't declared a major as of yet. This last weekend we moved Kelli into her dorm. What a busy time. Jill and I arrived late to help move her into her dorm. Kelli went with her dad. So they had already arrived and were waiting for us.
I parked the car by my daughter Nicole's apartment where we were to meet. But Kelli and her dad were not there. I parked the car and started toward Kelli's dorm when I saw Duane coming toward me.
He told us he was parked in another lot so he helped me find another spot to park. I parked and got out of my car and I saw Jill coming towards me from her apartment down the road. (all 3 daughters live within a block of each other. ) So we didn't see Kelli or Duane so we went to Kelli's dorm. Kelli had informed us she lived in the basement. We didn't know which room so we asked someone helping with move in. She said only guys live down there.
She suggested we go to the check in table and find out so we did.
We found her room only to find out someone else's name was on the door. You guessed it we found the wrong room. Jill and I decided that she would stay at that room and I would go down to the check in and ask again. when i got to the elevators Duane was there with a load of stuff. I asked which room and he said it was such and such a room. I went and got Jill and then went to the right room. When all the stuff was in it was time to set up the loft that Duane had made for Nicole. He had used a drill with screw driver attachment the two years before but, this year the Ra came and said it couldn't be used. We stated we had done in the past with no problem. She said we had to go outside and put the loft together if we were using a power tool. We thought she had left. Kelli made a comment about that stinks. Duane thought he would just shut the door and do it anyway. When we turned around we saw the Ra. She had heard our conversation. Duane said he would need a tape measure to measure where the screws went. We didnt have one so Kelli and Duane went to front desk to get one. While they were there they asked about the drill and he got the o.k. to use it. The desk peson called the Ra to let her know. Kelli said she felt embarassed because the Ra had heard our conversation. She said what a way to start on the right foot with your Ra. Jill told Kelli not to get into trouble because then they come to check you often. We then went to eat and said our goodbyes. I am feeling a little down now that my baby is in college. I know I have to give her wings like a butterfly so she can become the person she is meant to be.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

My first day in college

English class was a blast. I was very scared at first, but then when our instructor did not come right away I was able to talk to the rest of my classmates in the hall. This made me at ease. We entered the classroom and one of the activities we did was finding out how we each got our names. We found out we all got them in interesting ways.

About Pam

It was a regular day for my dad June 17th 19??. It was a special Sunday for Dad's with children. It was Father's Day. My dad went about his day as usual. Until around one in the afternoon. At around five that evening a special bundle of joy arrived, "ME".
His life changed from that day on.

My dad has watched me go to Kindergarten, then high school, then technical college, get a job, get married, have 3 beautiful daughters, get a few more jobs, watch grandchildren graduate from high school, help move grandchildren to college in St.Cloud,watch as granddaughter tries on wedding dress for June, help me move from small town, (Browerville, to the town of Faribault where he now resides), to start college, only to have me move home with him again.